We make our hams and bakery products by hand from scratch. 
Our pho, bahn mi, deli foods, desserts and other dishes are very popular among Vietnamese. 
Enjoy authentic Vietnamese dishes in our stylish restaurant!

The café is operated by a Japanese company
specializing in Vietnamese food production.

"Vietnamdeli Coffee" is the first coffee shop under our " Vietnam Deli" brand, 
a Japanese domestic brand that produces hams and other products essential to Vietnamese food culture. 
You can enjoy the authentic taste loved by Vietnamese people living in Japan 
and spend a relaxing time in our tropical style space.

Through our authentic lunch and dinner dishes and desserts,
we bring you tastes of Vietnam you’ve never tasted before.
Enjoy Vietnamese foods in our stylish café. 

We have many diches like  “banh mi”(Vietnamese style sandwich), pho( Vietnamese rice noodle soup) ,and so on. We are also offering “gohan-set meal”  and local beer. The variety of Vietnamese local food will make you feel like you are on a trip.

Enjoy our freshly prepared food at home.
Vietnamese-style breads are
also available in our cafe.

We also have a takeout menu and you can order a variety of diches including pho, deli foods, and side dishes for takeout. For takeout of the crispy crusty banh mi , we put it in a box, so you can eat it in your car without worrying about your car being stained with bread crumbs.

Feel the local Vietnamese energy from
our open kitchen and enjoy talking
in the bright cafe space.

At Vietnamdeli Coffee, you will find a bright and stylish space that is a bit different from traditional local restaurants.
Our restaurant can accommodate 40 people in total and also have bench seats for families with young children. From your table, you can feel the energy from the open kitchen.

Monthly special menu

December Recommendations

Lemongrass flavored pork and paprika stir-fry Set meal 1,480 yen (1,628 yen including tax) A new addition to o […]