Our restaurant is based on a food manufacturer that understands very well the Vietnamese food culture, so we are always doing our best to pursue the authentic taste of the food. Vietnamese hams and baguettes used in our restaurant are freshly made and shipped directly from factories near the restaurant. Using fresh vegetables like coriander grown in our own farm, we deliver a safe and delicious taste to our customers. In collaboration with a top chef living in Hanoi, we have selected dishes that Vietnamese people can enjoy the authentic taste of Vietnamese food and that Japanese also will like.

The land mark of “Vietnamdeli Coffee” is the painted buffalo logo on the exterior of the cafe. Our goal is to create a cafe space that is not a deep specialty restaurant, but a place where anyone can enjoy easily. Of course, we serve authentic dishes, and the lantern motif lighting and the Vietnamese staffs cooking in the open kitchen make you feel as if you are in Vietnam. In addition, there is a bakery and merchandise area in our restaurant, where you can also buy foodstuffs.